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Moving In

There is an induction process for new residents. This is organised by the Manager or Senior Staff.

This induction is carried out over a period of weeks/days depending on the urgency of the admission and the pace the resident is comfortable with. The process is tailored to suit the needs of the individual concerned.

Residents choose who they wish to be involved in the induction/settling in period at Maple Ridge. This would usually be a family member, Social Worker or close friend. Staff would contact this person ensuring they are kept up to date with the induction.

At all times during the induction and settling in process, staff at Maple Ridge endeavour to ensure the resident feels safe, secure and comfortable and standards are being met in line with the National Care Standards.

An initial review is held after six weeks to ensure the resident is settling in. At this point any difficulties or issues are discussed. This review is normally organised by the Social Worker or whoever was involved in the admission initially. The resident would decide with Maple Ridge staff or their Social Worker who they wished to be present. The Manager or Senior Support Worker would also be present.